Why Getting a Hearing Test is so Important for Seniors

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Getting a Hearing Test is so Important for Seniors

Hearing is one of our most vital senses, and hearing loss is often associated with old age. Seniors may feel scared or isolated when they lose their hearing as it can affectcommunication with loved ones, cause social isolation and take a significant toll on maintaining relationships.  Hearing loss can also be associated with more severe conditions such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s, depression, and high blood pressure.

While homecare may not always be necessary to support hearing loss, how can we help our seniors to be proactive, have their hearing checked regularly, and ensure any gradual cases of hearing loss are being caught early enough for preventative measures?

Schedule Regular Hearing Appointments

Similar to an annual check-up or dental exam, audiologists recommend a yearly appointment for those over 50. Meeting with an audiologist on a yearly basis helps to easily identify issues, diagnose conditions, get treatments and prevent further losses.

Yearly tests become a baseline for future tests and allow the audiologist to identify changes or note any concerns quickly. During an audiogram, the hearing care specialist will also remove built-up wax and discuss any treatment options or changes to current ear care that may be in place.

Because hearing loss can be a symptom of a more serious health issue, not only will a yearly exam allow for hearing changes to be caught quickly, it could also identify any underlying medical concerns that may require the care of other medical professionals.

Hearing loss concerns found during a yearly test can start immediately to be treated right ata hearing loss clinic. Clinics such as HARP Hearing Care in Calgary offer all services in-house, so going directly from an exam to treatment is a breeze.  Any hearing aids purchased at HARP Hearing Care also come with complimentary service and maintenance, ongoing program adjustments, free batteries and a five-year warranty.

Hearing loss that goes undetected or untreated can be a catalyst for more significant problems down the road and increases the chances of depression and social isolation in our seniors. It could also lead to brain atrophy as the sound processing centres of the brain start to shut down from a lack of information received. Many conditions caught during yearly exams are easily managed or reversed with the use of hearing aids, making it so important to attend an annual hearing exam.

Know the Signs of Hearing Loss

Understanding the initial signs of hearing loss could mean the difference between immediate treatment or a more pressing issue down the line. The most common symptoms of hearing loss include:

  • Conversations over the phone can be challenging.
  • Asking people to repeat themselves or speak more slowly.
  • Hearing in settings with background noise, such as restaurants or a mall, is more difficult.
  • In-person conversations sound muffled or like the other person is underwater.
  • TV’s and radios have to be turned up to the point that other people say it is too loud.

While some seniors may address hearing loss on their own, it’s important that thoseclose to them, such aschildren, grandchildren or home care service providers, are also aware of the signs and can bring it up if necessary. When caught early, most hearing loss issues are easily managed or even reversible. It’s when hearing loss goes untreated or ignored that it becomes the cause of more serious medical concerns.

Hearing loss can be frustrating or even embarrassing to the seniors in our lives, so if you do need to approach them about hearing loss, how you approach them could mean the difference between an open conversation and them shutting down.

  • If there is a trusted health professional in your life, ask them to discuss hearing tests with the senior in your life. Often having the initial information come from someone else can be better received.
  • Support them through their initial visit. It can be easier to come to terms with hearing loss when they are not receiving any new information alone.
  • If you have friends or family in your life who have had success with hearing aids, ask them to share their stories.

Home Care Assistance Calgary can support the senior in your life in dealing with hearing loss or prevention of hearing loss. Whether they require home care services, or just need someone to check in on them periodically, all of our caregivers meet the highest standards in the industry and are specifically chosen for skill and personality.

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