The Handbook of Live-In Care

The Handbook of Live-In Care is the second book in our senior wellness series and offers practical, how-to advice on caring for an aging parent or loved one.

Age may be “just a number” for many people, but it also brings very real daily challenges for many older adults. Retaining independence and living in their own homes is integral to most older adults’ sense of well-being, yet frailty, illness and forgetfulness can make living at home difficult. The Handbook of Live-In Care gives caregivers—usually an adult son or daughter—practical, how-to advice on caring for an elderly loved one. From understanding the psychology of home-bound adults to tips for assisting with everyday needs, The Handbook of Live-In Care offers the first definitive guide to maximizing the quality of life for an older adult.

Kathy N. Johnson, PhD, CMC is a Certified Geriatric Care Manager. She holds a Doctorate in Psychology.James H. Johnson, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist and the award-winning author of seven books. A former university professor and department chair, he holds a Doctorate in Psychology. Lily Sarafan, MS is a corporate executive and advocate for aging in place. She holds Masters and Bachelors degrees.