A Commitment to 24/7 Post Stroke Recovery in Calgary

If your aging loved one has recently suffered a stroke, you know just how drastically one’s life can change in a matter of minutes. This sudden onset of caregiving responsibility can be a lot for unexperienced family members to take on, especially once rehabilitation begins at home. With in-home stroke care comes the need for home modifications to ensure safety, 24/7 safety monitoring, physical and speech therapy, and much more. Home Care Assistance of Calgary is here to remind you that you’re not in this alone. We have 24/7 live-in stroke caregivers that are able to make post-stroke recovery a safe and dignified process all within the comfort of your aging loved one’s home.

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In Home Caregivers

Continuous Care for In-Home Stroke Rehabilitation

After surviving a stroke, your aging loved one will likely experience a range of side-effects, some temporary some possibly permanent. Our stroke caregivers are committed to meeting the unique needs of seniors who have suffered a stroke. We also understand the importance of constant monitoring to avoid secondary strokes and preventable injury associated with in-home rehabilitation.

From hospitalization to home recovery, our stroke caregivers make life easier for seniors who have suffered from a stroke, helping with a variety of daily activities including:

  • Fall prevention and mobility support
  • Bathing, grooming, dressing and incontinence
  • Home temperature control to prevent pain
  • Medication Reminders
  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Assistance with in-home physical and speech therapy
  • Grocery shopping, nutritious meal preparation and help feeding if needed
  • Light housework

A Dignified Approach to Stroke Care

A caregiver’s consistent presence in the comfort of your aging loved one’s home can help prevent depression and stabilize emotions. Not only are physical limitations acknowledged, but the stroke caregivers at Calgary Home Care Assistance also monitor emotional, social and mental health, providing daily Care Notes for family members, physicians and a Care Manager. We understand that despite the increased dependency that a senior has after suffering a stroke, there is still an intrinsic desire to live with independence and dignity.

Our in-home stroke care caregivers are experienced and trained in nurturing multiple needs among senior adults recovering from a stroke in a soothing and comforting manner. It can be disrupting to experience such a sudden dependency on others for care which is why our stroke caregivers knowingly meet their needs while encouraging them to do what they can on their own.

To set up a free consultation, or to have an on-call caregiver sent to your home, call Home Care Assistance of Calgary today at 403-301-3777

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