Recognizing Signs of Stroke

It’s late in the evening when your elderly father calls complaining about a sudden headache when he moves, and his speech is slurred and he sounds confused. Is he just tired? A bad day? Or is this something much more serious? There’s a chance he’s having a stroke and doesn’t…

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Home Care Isn’t Just for Seniors

Home Care Isn’t Just for Seniors By Ian Busby When the words ‘home care’ get used, the immediate image is a senior getting help maintaining their health and their home. While Home Care Assistance Calgary can tend to a senior’s needs with great attention, they can also provide the same…

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Home Care Assistance Brings Awareness to Hospital to Home Care Program in Recognition of Heart Month

Home Care Assistance is the leading provider of post-hospitalization services following congestive heart failure or stroke, reducing avoidable re-admissions for patients. Home Care Assistance Calgary offers post-hospitalization services to older adults following congestive heart failure or stroke. Statistics indicate that a large percentage of older adults are readmitted into the…

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6 Ways to Reduce an Older Adult’s Risk of Stroke

Strokes are caused by a variety of uncontrollable factors such as age, gender, and family history. However, there are some risk factors that can be managed through healthy lifestyle choices. Here are six ways for seniors to reduce their risk of strokes.  1. Stop Smoking Smoking causes fatty acids to…

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