Star of the Month!

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This month, we’re celebrating Chandani as our star of the month!

Compassionate care is the best care. That philosophy has motivated Chandani throughout her career with Home Care Assistance Calgary. She joined the team in 2020, as seniors were weathering the storm of COVID-19 isolation. Nearly two years later, Chandani is just as committed to cultivating meaningful caregiving relationships that empower seniors to live their best lives, at home.

“I grew up living with my grandparents. They were my best friends and biggest cheerleaders. Over time, I saw how difficult it was for them and their friends to age peacefully,” Chandani explains. “That’s why I wanted a career that would help me make a difference in the senior community. When I saw the chance to do that at Home Care Assistance Calgary, I didn’t think twice.”

Today, Chandani leads much of the behind-the-scenes work required to fuel successful caregiver/client relationships. That includes leading recruitment in Calgary—a role she says is central to delivering on client-centred purpose. “We asses applicants to understand as much as we can about them. That’s so important. It’s how we align their capabilities, personalities and skillsets with the needs of our clients to ensure the best possible fit for them.”

That fit allows Home Care Assistance Calgary to personalize care plans to a specific client’s unique needs. The right match enables caregivers to go beyond helping clients with the tasks of daily living, and layer in a much more personal touch.

“We strive to provide the best possible care for all our clients,” explains Chandani. “We look to match our caregivers and our clients not just based on their availability, but their personality and interests. Then, we use our balanced care and cognitive therapeutic methods in our approach.”

Continuous learning plays a big part in that process. By enabling caregivers with any courses or training that spark their interest, Home Care Assistance Calgary is always evolving to best meet changing client needs. Chandani considers this just one of many ways the organization is levelling up the care seniors in Calgary can access, to promote quality of life and provide families with well-rounded support.

“I always think to myself about my parents. When my parents are older and require care, what type of caregiver would I want? I would want someone who would treat my parents as their own person, and care for them with the care and passion I would,” Chandani says. “Building that personal relationship with them, understanding their needs, being kind, gentle, and caring. They say if you love what you do, you’ll never work again, and I think that that saying fits perfectly for me.”



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