Healthy Lunch Choices for Older Adults in Calgary, CA

5 Healthy Lunch Choices for Aging Adults

Eating a nutrition-packed lunch each day could prevent your senior loved one from taking long naps and reduce the risk of inactivity. Healthy foods consumed during the middle of the day can provide energy and boost mental wellbeing. Continue reading to find healthy lunch options that are great for aging…

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Reasons Why Seniors Need Regular Exercise in Calgary, AB

Why Seniors Need Regular Exercise

Seniors can keep their bodies moving by finding fun and challenging exercises to do inside and outside the home. Maintaining a consistent exercise regimen could benefit your aging loved one’s physical, mental, and emotional health. Below you’ll find some of the reasons seniors should exercise often. Lowers the Risk of…

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10 Secrets of Happy Aging

Nowadays, people seem obsessed with the idea of never growing old. Our culture is so into delaying and fighting the process of aging that we tend to forget that it is a beautiful thing. Indeed, growing older is a chance that not everyone gets in life, therefore we must cease…

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Home Care Assistance Calgary to Host Educational Series on Boosting Brain Health

Home Care Assistance Calgary, a leading provider of in-home care for seniors, is excited to announce that it will be hosting a fun and informative six-part series in partnership with Swan Evergreen Village. Led by brain fitness expert and Cognitive Therapeutics Interventionist, Joy Terlesky. The Mind Fit Series: Activities to…

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6 Healthy Gluten-Free Foods for Aging Adults

Even seniors who don’t have celiac disease might benefit from removing gluten from their diets. Some short-term studies have shown gluten-free diets can regulate cholesterol levels, boost digestive health, and increase energy levels. Seniors who want to make the transition to a gluten-free diet should consider these six nutritious and…

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10 Foods That Boost a Senior’s Brain Health

The foods seniors eat are instrumental in keeping their brains healthy. Foods rich in certain nutrients and antioxidants are especially effective in warding off age-related memory impairment and dementia. The following are 10 brain-boosting foods you should consider adding to your senior loved one’s diet. 1. Oats A daily breakfast…

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6 Simple Exercises Elderly People Can Do at Home

Exercise is a critical component of a senior care plan. While many seniors prefer to exercise outdoors or within a group, it is important for them to exercise at home as well. These six exercises are simple enough for seniors to do at home so they do not have to…

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