Helping Your Senior Parent Stay Safe on the Web in calgary, CA

5 Tips for Helping Your Senior Parent Stay Safe on the Web

More than 80 percent of seniors in Canada 65 to 69 years of age are regular Internet users, according to Statistics Canada. The Web is also used by more than 60 percent of Canadian seniors who are 75 to 79 years old and 40 percent of those 80 and older….

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6 Ways Living at Home Is Essential for Elderly People

With modern advances in medicine and increased longevity, more seniors are choosing to age in place instead of living in nursing homes. Staying at home could be mentally, emotionally, and physically beneficial for seniors and help them stave off cognitive decline. Below are some of the benefits elderly people can…

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Why Senior Pets and Aging Adults Are the Perfect Match

The benefits of having pets are well known, and older adults often love to dote on their favorite animal companions. Whether your senior loved one prefers dogs or cats, adopting a pet is a great way to give an animal a loving home. As you help your loved one search…

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Read About the Lives of 5 Inspirational Aging Adults

Age is just a number. Seniors are still capable of accomplishing great things, from athletic feats to virtuoso performances. Here are 5 incredible seniors sure to inspire others to greatness.  1. Edith Wilma Connor Most people associate bodybuilding with men in their 20s and 30s. Edith Wilma Connor smashed this…

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5 Upcoming Events for Older Adults in Calgary

Attending local events can enhance a senior’s outlook on life and boost his or her mood. Keeping active also helps older adults socialize and stave off isolation. Here are five local events in Calgary that will surely brighten a senior’s day.  1. Movies at the Meadows  Spruce Meadows, at 18011 Spruce…

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