Innovations Are Keeping Calgary Seniors with Dementia Safe

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It’s any dementia caregiver’s worst nightmare. Checking in on their aging relative or home care ward only to find the house empty. A short lucid walk can quickly turn into a confused elder becoming lost and ranging far away from their home. Living in the Calgary area, even summertime temperatures can dip low enough to make hypothermia a risk; let alone the slippery and sub-zero conditions of our harsh winters. So, how can we keep seniors with dementia safe without 24-hour caregivers?

Combining Technology with Homecare Saves Lives

In the past ten years, technology has advanced to include the ability to track, well; almost anything! Embracing gadgets that easily connect to a smart phone can provide peace of mind for caregivers and home care aides, and allow for easy locating of a lost or wandering person.

Tile Technology – Tiles are small and affordable, making them a fantastic option. Typically used to prevent phone and wallet theft or to locate car keys, these easily installed trackers can be slipped into pockets, wallets, or attached to shoes using a key ring or adhesive backing and located via a smartphone app. Find them at Best Buy, Staples, and Amazon for under $100.

Motion Sensor Security Cameras – You may consider security cameras as a better way of keeping something away from your home, but this readily available technology has a hidden benefit you may not know about. Many systems can be triggered to send photos to an email address or phone upon sensing movement, giving you a time stamp as well as a general direction of travel. Most alarm providers offer this service.

Smart Door Locks – These are becoming ever more popular, with options ranging from a simple keypad to automatic sensing and remote-control technology, individual key codes, and even double-sided locks that can even secure the door from being opened from inside if needed. These locks are easily installed and can work with your existing keys, and many also feature smart home connectivity.

Balancing safety, independence, and peace of mind are important when providing support and homecare services to a person with dementia, and leveraging technology can help you do just that!

Quality of Life is Still Key for In-home Care

While technology can go a long way to ease some of the worry many caregivers feel, the most important aspects of dementia care are the ability to ease fears, offer nurturing support, and facilitate healthy living through nutrition, exercise, and cognitive stimulation.

Home Care Assistance – This is our name because it is our specialty. Our trusted caregivers are trained professionals who dedicate their lives to improving life with dementia through home care service and respite care. This includes companionship, physical and cognitive support and stimulation, medication and nutrition management, and even transportation services.

Neighbourhood Network – Loneliness affects over 40% of seniors, and this becomes even more pronounced when we look at Dementia sufferers who have reduced ability to travel freely. Creating relationships with trustworthy neighbours not only improves safety as others will be watching out, it also encourages social relationships that improve mental health.

Family Engagement – Family member support is important, however; many people find interacting with their loved one upsetting during episodes of confusion or behaviour and mood changes. It is important to ensure all family members are informed and have tools to help when they spend time together. The homecare family portal offers resources for navigating the complexities of senior care and supporting a family member with Dementia.

Reduced socialization and limited activities are significant contributors to brain aging. For even more ideas to add to the quality of your loved one’s life, read our Life Enrichment Guide, Click Here. This guide is an accompaniment to the Balanced Care Method our expert home care team provides. This world-renowned program brings together lifestyle-based longevity approaches for the mind, body, and spirit of our aging population.

At Home Care Assistance Calgary, we offer full-spectrum service for seniors, ranging from occasional household chore help or short-term injury aid, all the way to live-in care. We touch on all areas of life, including nutrition and physical health, as well as mental and emotional support.

Our caregivers are highly trained and specifically chosen for skill and personality. We have some of the highest standards in the industry, because we believe that finding the right caregiver for each client is the most important part of what we do.

Give your aging loved ones the help they need while empowering them to live full and healthy lives with our customized home care packages. Call one of our dedicated Care Managers today at 403-768-3802 to learn about the high quality of our in-home care services.

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