Which areas of Calgary does HCA cover?

Our caregivers service all of Calgary and the surrounding areas including Springbank, Priddis, Airdrie, Cochrane and Okotoks.

How much does homecare cost?

Homecare fees are typically charged on an hourly basis and the rate varies depending on the skill level of the caregiver required and your location. Costs may be tax-deductible for income taxes.

Does Alberta Health Services provide homecare?

Alberta Health Services does provide free homecare services in certain cases but often patients are left waiting for case managers and are not getting help when they most need it. Home Care Assistance Calgary often steps in to help while patients are waiting for AHS.

Are my home care costs deductible for income tax purposes?

Depending on your age, income and other factors, your homecare costs may be deductible for income tax purposes. Ask your accountant to be sure.

How do I know the caregivers are trustworthy?

Our caregiver screening is the best in the industry. We have standardized testing, background checks and personality profile checks for all of our caregivers. Our caregivers are also fully insured and bonded.

Are HCA caregivers available nights and weekends?

Yes, our caregivers are absolutely available nights and weekends. In fact our care team is available 24/7 to answer your calls in case of an emergency.

What happens if I have a medical emergency?

Our caregivers are highly trained for emergency situations and do have access to a registered nurse on staff as a resource.

Can my parents get extra help in an assisted facility?

Yes. We often provide services that are either not offered by the facility or are provided only on certain days.

How do I get help after surgery?

Home Care Assistance can provide round-the-clock or hourly care as needed for those critical first days you are out of the hospital. Our caregivers are specifically trained for post hospital care.

What is the difference between assisted living and home care?

Assisted living usually refers to seniors living in a facility where services are provided for different levels of care. Home care refers to caregivers who come to your home to provide customized care on a schedule you choose.

What if I need homecare only for a few hours a week?

We have home care customers that have caregivers come to their homes for just a few hours a week, and others who have caregivers round-the-clock.

Why should I hire an agency rather than my own caregiver?

While hiring your own caregiver may seem less expensive it is important to consider that as an employer of your own caregiver you would assume many responsibilities and financial risk. Hiring our agency instead means that we are the employers and we take on all administrative and financial responsibilities including insurance and payroll remittances to the government.

Does homecare provide medical care?

We provide non-medical and medical care. With non-medical care, we support your loved one by organizing pillboxes, medical reminders etc. We also can assist with medical care. You can trust that our Licensed Practical Nurses to be the very best. Our LPN’s are experienced, rigorously screened and are passionate about assisting people in need.

Do HCA caregivers have vehicles?

Yes. Our caregivers have vehicles and can provide transportation to medical appointments, errands, etc.

My loved one has a very challenging personality and does not like the idea of care. What do I do?

This is not uncommon! Our caregivers are trained to respond to difficult and emotional situations in a positive and constructive manner. We provide the perfect match caregiver that has shown through psychological testing to be a good match for your loved one.