7 Engaging Activities for Aging Adults with Dementia

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Living with dementia can be challenging for seniors and their caregivers. Seniors with dementia typically withdraw from activities even though they are necessary for brain stimulation and socialization. Here are a few fun and stimulating activities that can reduce some of the effects of cognitive impairment and lead to a better quality of life.

1. Gardening 

The peacefulness of a garden can be great for seniors, especially those with dementia. Hearing the sounds, seeing the beautiful sights, and smelling the aroma of a garden can help seniors relax. Gardening is a stimulating activity that relieves anxiety in seniors with dementia, and it can also increase dexterity. 

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2. Painting 

This stimulating activity offers seniors stress relief and promotes a positive attitude. Painting strengthens motor and problem-solving skills, increases hand-eye coordination, relaxes the mind, and boosts memory. 

3. Singing 

Singing can reduce stress levels and boost immunities. Regardless if your loved one is singing in a local choir, at home with the grandchildren, or among close friends, it can boost his or her mood and relieve stress. Singing or listening to music can also help seniors with dementia recall past memories. 

4. Cleaning the Home 

It is important for seniors with dementia to do as many activities as they can independently, especially those they once enjoyed. If your loved one liked to clean up around the home before developing dementia, he or she should continue doing so for as long as possible. Cleaning around the home is a great way to keep the brain active and engaged. By doing something he or she once enjoyed, your loved one can maintain skills and independence for longer. 

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5. Cooking

One of the most important benefits of cooking is that seniors can spend quality time with someone they care about. Cooking can help your loved one maintain many personal abilities, in addition to dignity and self-worth. Preparing meals can also reduce passivity and agitation among seniors with dementia. 

6. Listening to Stories

Being read to is a stimulating activity that can boost your loved one’s memory, mood, and various cognitive abilities. You can take your loved one to reading events at the local library or senior center, or read a book to him or her a few days a week. Story time is also a good way for seniors with dementia to interact with their grandchildren. 

7. Scrapbooking 

This stimulating activity provides many mental and physical benefits to seniors with dementia. Scrapbooking can build your loved one’s confidence by creating a project, which leads to a sense of accomplishment. Scrapbooking also helps seniors with dementia connect names and locations to familiar people and past events.

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