Self Managed Care Overview

Self-Managed Care is one of Home Care’s best kept secrets. It empowers clients to have a say in who they want to provide their care and how they want their care to be done. Have you ever struggled with having different caregivers every shift/day/week? Does the province send caregivers who don’t show up on time or are only assisting with the shower? Are there too many caregivers who have access to your home? Then Self-Managed Care is for you! Self-Managed Care is a way for you to receive funding for care but allows you to determine who will be your service provider on your own terms.


Home Care Assistance’s Role in Self-Managed Care

With Self-Managed Care you can choose to use our services for all of your home care needs. With Home Care Assistance you will receive more consistency with caregivers, a care manager and an individualized care plan that can be updated as care needs change, as well as the many other aspects that make Home Care Assistance unique. We are happy to connect with your AHS Case Manager and work together to ensure that all of your care needs are being taken care of so you can enjoy the safe and purposeful life you deserve. We are here to help!

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Requirements for Self-Managed Care

  • Must be a Home Care client with AHS
  • Have long term needs (greater than 90 days)
  • Have a need for a “personal care service”. Either needs 0 support with personal hygiene, or ii) assistance with personal activities of daily living, or iii) needs support with both.
  • Have assessed in-home support needs that can be met within this option.
  • Have Stable Health Status or Stable Care Requirements.

Stabe Health Status

The client has well established care needs, coping mechanisms and support. Care needs are expected to remain stable over the next 12 months. Health conditions are well controlled i.e. no significant changes are likely to occur. Client has not required more than 2 acute care visits/hospitalizations in the past 12 months.

Stable Care Requirements

Clients assessed care requirements are determined for a 1 year duration. Clients whose care needs are expected to be steady over this time period are considered to have stable care requirements.

Self-Managed Care Orientation Session

(these are held frequently and your case manager will let you know when the next session will be and where)

  • SMC goals
  • Who is eligible for SMC
  • Types of SMC
  • What services are covered
  • Manager responsibilities
  • Caregiver qualifications
  • Expenses (allowable and non¬ allowable)
  • Quality Management
  • Reconciliation
  • Next steps
senior care

Other Helpful Information

Your case manager will have to create an emergency back-up plan with you in the case that your regularly scheduled caregiver is unavailable to work for you.

(Cannot list family members for the emergency back-up plan).

Home Care Assistance cannot direct bill AHS for SMC. You will be personally responsible for keeping track of the invoices.

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