Alberta Self Managed Care

Are You or a Loved One Eligible for Self Managed Care in Alberta?

Alberta’s Self Managed Care is an Alberta Health Services program that provides resources to directly pay for and manage personal care and home care support services.

A legal contract is signed between Alberta Health Services and the client or their legal representative and the agreement governs the terms and conditions of the self managed care funding for a one-year term.

Alberta Self Managed Care clients can opt to hire caregivers directly and become an “employer” or skip the employer responsibilities by hiring an established agency like Home Care Assistance Calgary.

Anyone living in Alberta with a healthcare card and living in a community setting is eligible for self-managed care and must:

  • have assessed unmet health care needs within AHS Provincial Home Care Service Guidelines;
  • have stable health and predictable care needs; and
  • need ongoing personal care and home care support services (e.g., longer-term needs).

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Examples of Care Plans

Companionship Care: A carefully selected, certified caregiver visits our customer at her home twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays for three hours a visit. The caregiver does light housekeeping, changes the bed sheets, prepares four healthy meals and enjoys great conversation with the client. The caregiver’s visit is reported on the Family Room app for our customer’s daughters to keep up with what’s happening in the home.

Peace of Mind Care: A carefully selected, certified caregiver visits the home three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for three hours a day. The caregiver assists with bathing and dressing, plans a grocery list, and provides healthy meals for the days she’s not assisting in the home. She accompanies our customer for medical appointments and for a walk every Friday at the local mall. The caregiver updates our customer’s children regularly through the Family Room app and emails fun pictures.

Dementia Care: A specifically trained and certified caregiver visits our customer’s home five times a week Mondays through Friday for six hours a day to assist with activities of daily living including toileting, dressing and bathing. The caregiver provides light housekeeping, ensures the home is safe from any hazards, and prepares meals. She assists with medication reminders and organizes the pill box. She provides guided physical and cognitive exercises daily to help stave off the progression of disease. Family members are updated daily through the Family Room app.

How Much Does Home Care Cost?

Our fees are set within established industry benchmarks and are the most competitive in comparison with other private home care agencies in Calgary and surrounding areas. Our rates vary depending on the complexity of care so be sure to contact us so we can properly assess your needs and provide the lowest cost solution possible!

Do Home Care Assistance Calgary services cost more than an independent caregiver hired for “under the table” wages? At face value, it may appear so, however, be aware that with this type of arrangement comes the risk of legal implications as well as the inability to declare your “employee’s” wages as an expense for income tax purposes.

When you hire Home Care Assistance Calgary

  • we take on “employer” responsibilities so you assume no risk
  • you may be able to deduct your home care costs for income tax purposes
  • your private insurance may cover part of your costs for home care
  • our home care service is less expensive than moving to assisted living facilities
  • you can cancel your homecare service at any time